Purchasing Power Parity For For SaaS Growth

You're selling an online product, using a widely-spoken language, and feel like there is a growth opportunity abroad ?

You're in the right place.

Increase your market share

Most US saas companies make >80% of their revenue from Western countries. The rest of the world is often dismissed as "not important" and postponed indefinitely.

By moving from one-price-fit-all to purchasing-power-adapted pricing, you're making yourself affordable to millions of new customers around the world.

From your current traffic.Your current visitors from emerging countries now can afford your product. Your gross revenue from adapted regions will significantly increase.

From new traffic. With time, new customers will tell their peers and word-of-mouth will come into effect. You'll start noticing countries being more attracted to what you do than others. Sales in these regions will soon match your "rich countries" sales figures.

Gain a marketing edge

Adapted prices empowers your marketing mix on 3 pillars:

Pricing. Offering purchasing power adapted prices improves the conversion rate of your marketing team.

Places. Feature your product via exportator's newsletter and generate new traffic.

People Being adapted will generate word-of-mouth and local influencers' interest.

Promotion. Use exportator as marketing tool for opening new markets.

Prevent competition

If you're not cattering to local markets, others will. But if your product makes sense in other countries, why not export it?

You'll be preventing potential competition by capturing local market shares on one side, and offering superior-quality software (yours ;) to people and companies tradionally ignored by other saas companies.

Concrete results

Setting up Exportator has immediate results on your current traffic. PPP providers claim 20% total revenue growth over 3st months.

Easy set-up

Instead of modifying your payment systems with hundreds of different prices, promo codes allow maximal ease of setup and customization.


We work with Stripe at the moment. Let us know which payment system you want us compatible with.