Purchasing Power Parity For Online Courses

You're selling an online product, using a widely-spoken language, and feel like there is a growth opportunity abroad ?

You're in the right place.

Teach at scale

Digital goods have this wonderful property of having virtually no marginal costs: Once they're done, you can sell as many without having to think about production.

By adapting your price to the purchasing power of your learners, you're making your online course much more affordable and attractive to your audience.

Boost your marketing's efficiency

Revive your mailing-list. Let your current audience's know about your new purchasing-power adapted prices: You'll immediately and durably experience revenue growth in targeted regions.

Promotional campaigns. Another option is to offer adapted-prices to specific countries over a limited period of time. New exportator users prefer this approach to get started with country-based pricing.

Attract new leaners

Exportator offer additional (optional) services to get your course new customers:

Importator's newsletter. We send every month a newsletter with all new exportator's users. Some readers might consider learning about your topic and take your adapted course over another.

Importator's catalog. We also prove you with an optional public page which sole purpose is to get your additional traffic.

Concrete results

Setting up Exportator has immediate results on your current traffic. PPP providers claim 20% total revenue growth over 3st months.

Easy set-up

Instead of modifying your payment systems with hundreds of different prices, promo codes allow maximal ease of setup and customization.


We work with Stripe at the moment. Let us know which payment system you want us compatible with.