Purchasing Power Parity For Marketing Teams

You're selling an online product, using a widely-spoken language, and feel like there is a growth opportunity abroad ?

You're in the right place.

Open new regions

Exportator can help you build stronger relationships countries you deem interesting. Adapted prices will increase your transformation rate and gross revenue.

Global expansion. Offer our recommend prices to make yourself affordable at the best price all over the world.

Local offerings. You're free to conduct a PPP campaign on specific regions for limited amounts of time.

Empower your marketing mix

Pricing. By offering purchasing power adapted prices, you're greatly improving your acquisition efforts' efficiency.

Places. Did you know Nigeria primary barrier to Western software is money? By adapting your prices in Nigeria only, you just opened yourself to 80 millions people.

People. Once you're affordable, many more users and influencers will talk about you. In turn generating new traffic.

NOT Promotion. Notice how we're always mentionning "Adapted prices" and not "promotion"? That's because you're not conducting any promotion: Your prices were too expensive in the first place, you're merely adapting them back.

Revive your mailing list

Offering adapted prices might be the news thousands of people were waiting to really consider your product.

Let them know over social media or your newsletter: This news has to potential to revive huge chunks of your mailing list.

Concrete results

Setting up Exportator has immediate results on your current traffic. PPP providers claim 20% total revenue growth over 3st months.

Easy set-up

Instead of modifying your payment systems with hundreds of different prices, promo codes allow maximal ease of setup and customization.


We work with Stripe at the moment. Let us know which payment system you want us compatible with.