Promote efficiently by targeting clear segments of prospects

Segmentation allows you to create groups of peoples to promote to.
Accurate segment allows for accurate offering. Which in turn leads to more sales and revenue. Marketing 101!

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Separate visitors, users, and customers

Select how much your segment knows about you. First time visitors, registered users, or current customers you’re trying to upsell: They should all be marketed to differently.

Geolocalize promotions: Parity/Regional pricing

Open and grow sales in foreign markets by restricting your promotions to a list of countries. Our VPN detecting system makes sure only targeted countries see your promo.

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Automate safely student and NGOs promos

Automate the student & NGOs promo code attribution process by restricting them to specific email patterns. Relieve your team and make this program a win-win.

Target your email-list or social media audience

Reward specific subscribers or followers by magic promo links: Only people clicking those links will be granted a promo, allowing you in the process to monitor your sales funnel live.

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Additional features


Relate better and convert better by personalizing your promotional message by translating it into your audience’s native language.


Browsing devices tell a lot on your audiences readiness to buy. Add device restriction to promote to only some of those.

Unleash the power of promo codes

Exportator is the first plug-and-play fully integrated solutions for promo codes.