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Track promotions results and get insights to improve your next one.

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Access all your past Stripe coupons analytics

Connect Stripe and instantly access your past coupons and promotions analytics. Immediately see your past performances so you can stop wasting time on failing promos, and double down on successful ones.

Monitor your sales funnel live

See in real-time how your promotion performs. From currently browsing visitor, to interested ones, to conversions, and repeat purchase. Analyze promos affects on customers even years after their first purchase.

Understand your prospects better

Imagine a Google Analytics dashboard but zoomed in on your prospects. Learn who they are, how they behave, and use that information to continuously improve your offerings.

Understand your customers better

Get new insights on your promoted customers. Exportator aggregates available data to let you know who the customers of your promotions are, and what their purchasing behavior are.

Report to your team

Access one-click reports and share-links to easily show your team how their hard work paid off.

Past Stripe promotions history

Exportator free plans allows you to access all your past coupon’s analytics for free. You’re one click away knowing how your last promo went and build a beautiful dashboard to show your team.

Unleash the power of promo codes

Exportator is the first plug-and-play fully integrated solutions for promo codes.