Exportator Pricing

Exportator comes with a free plan for anyone to provide PPP.
Go premium to use proxy protection and deploy it to more visitors.

Free plan

Limited volumes and no VPN protection

$0 / Month

  • Websites
  • Volumes
    Up to 5k visits/mo
  • VPN / Proxy protection
  • Features
    Stripe history, Promo Codes creation, Analytics, Customizable Banner, Reporting.
  • Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

β€œThe only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.β€œ – Socrates

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What is a coupon or promo code?

Coupons are Stripe promotional codes. A Coupon is generated in your Stripe account. Coupons are generated if and only if your visitor has passed all our origin-checks.


How do you protect against VPN, proxy and other trickery?

Protection as at the heart of Exportator. Thanks to full-Internet scan we are able to detect 10M+ active VPNs. We know 95%+ proxy providers. If you find a missing IP, we'd love to hear about it.


How do you handle currencies?

We don't because we don't have to! Since Exportator only generates a price reduction coupon it doesn't require you ton change anything about your current pricing.


What happens if I reach plan's limit?

If you go over your plan's capacity, exportator will stop monitoring the authenticity of your visitor's location and therefore creating new tickets.