Plug your Stripe account and let your marketing team manage your promotions in less than 2 minutes.

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An interface to promote better

Exportator is the interface between Stripe and marketers. Developers don't like having the marketing team access Stripe. So they spend days building a basic promo code interface in their admin system. Exportator saves you that trouble and gives your marketing a 10x better interface to work with.

Access all your past Stripe coupons analytics

Connect Stripe and instantly access your past coupons and promotions analytics. Immediately see your past performances so you can stop wasting time on failing promos, and double down on successful ones.

Easy set-up

Exporator basic setup requires 2 clicks and 2 lines of JavaScript on your side. That's it.

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Unleash the power of promo codes

Exportator is the first plug-and-play fully integrated solutions for promo codes.