Easy reporting of your promo campaigns

Stop guesstimating how your promotions are doing. Exportator gives you the real data on all your current and past promotions.

Public promo codes are the hardest to track

Public promo codes are those you give at events, billboards, podacasts, or any non-digital media. Exportator saves your team hours of data gathering and generates a live, data-packed report of your public promo codes.

Import your past Stripe promo codes

Exportator will import all your past Stripe promotions and create for each a detailed dashboard of past and current performance. Use this data to decide whether to continue or not each one, and how you can increase your revenue.

Additional Features

Access your past data now

Eager to see your past results? You can have them in 2 minutes!

Easy Setup

Connect Exportator between Stripe and your site in 2 minutes tops.

Empower your marketers

Empower your marketing and support teams with a powerful interface to manage promotions.

Save dev time

Spare your dev team any work regarding promo codes and data gathering.

Unleash the power of promo codes

Exportator is the first plug-and-play fully integrated solutions for promo codes.