Proxies and VPN protection

The number one obstacle to location-based coupons adoption is proxies. Exportator can detect 99.9% proxy users and will not offer coupons to these visitors.

What are proxies and VPNs

Proxies and VPNs are applications that acts as an intermediary between you and the website(s) your visit. They are very useful for security and anonymity, and are used to protect companies as well as individuals.

But when your plan is to offer location-based prices, this becomes an issue: "How can I make sure people from expensive Country A don't pass themselves as people from cheaper Country B?

Exportator can detect 99.9% proxies and VPNs
Proxy users will not be offered adapted prices

How it is possible to detect proxies and VPNs?

Most Proxies and VPNs services are using big servers to provide their services. By scanning the full wide Web weekly, it is possible to map out the IP ranges of these services. Combined with public data, HTTP proxies, the Tor nodes list, and residential proxy lists, we can accurately say if an IP location is for real or not.

Exportator will authentify in milliseconds your visitors' location
Only people really on location will be offered coupons

Risk zero doesn't exist and that's ok

The Washington Post offers its subscription $4/mo if you're showing a US IP address and at €4/mo for a European one. A 20% price difference today in January 2021.
And you know what? They still sell a lot of European subscriptions.

Most people never think of this
We can detect 99.9% of those who do

They are price sensitive and would have found another way to pay less anyways (wait for promotions, go to competition)