Location-based coupons

Coupons are the easiest way to offer purchasing power parity. They require almost no changes to your payment system and will empower you to significantly increase your revenue.

Offer location-based coupons on your pricing page

For each country, exportator will allow you to offer a coupon on your pricing page or anywhere on your website. You can customize any country's price based on your needs, for instance:

A regional, temporary, 40% OFF for all visitors from South America
An optimal price for each country based on Purchasing Power Parity index
Easing a higher pricing strategy
A Free promotional coupon only in Morrocco for 24 hours

Pop-up banner with unique coupon for each visitor

By default, a banner will pop above your pricing page displaying a Unique coupon. You can check this out on our pricing page, unless you're using a proxy or VPN. In which case visitors will see nothing but your untouched website.

Visitors from countries where you don't want to offer adapted prices will also see any change from the usual.

Each coupon is unique and time limited. Coupons can not be shared elsewhere on the Web.

Or customize display via API

If you wish to display adapted prices differently, you can rely on our API. All the data about your visitors' location, IP address, our security checks results, and the related Coupon will be available.

Common use-cases are:

In-page display
Event analytics
Custom cross payment systems