Offer the optimal discount to convert your foreign visitors

Increase your sales to foreign visitor's by offering them a discount. You're selling at a lower price but become affordable to much more people than before. It's a win-win!

Opening new markets becomes easy

To help you make sense of your data, each promo campaigns come with a full, detailed, analytics dashboard. Live revenue, conversion rate, average revenue per customer, places, date, and time at which your promotion was most popular, and much more.

A/B test your optimal price in each country

Exportator pricing algorithm helps you fine-tune your promo codes to generate you the most revenue. But feel-free to go into manual mode and conduct your own experiences.

Obvious to your audience, invisible to the others

Exportator display your regional promo codes in a targeted banner to maximize the impact. Style it yourself to match your brand. Empower the marketers and save time of your product and dev team.

Unleash the power of promo codes

Exportator is the first plug-and-play fully integrated solutions for promo codes.