How To Setup Purchasing Power Parity with Stripe [Exportator 2min tutorial]

by Jules Maregiano · March 29, 2021

Purchasing-Power Parity (or Country-based pricing) is super powerful way to grow your sales while caring about the people interested in what you do. Here is how to set-up PPP for Stripe in 2min.

Step 1: Create a free Exportator account

Why is it free?

We believe Purchasing Power Parity should be the norm on the Internet.

If you're born in a country with low purchasing power, online software and courses are extremely expensive. On the other hand, making one more copy of a software, online course, or game, cost virtually nothing. Therefore offering adapted prices is a win-win for companies and individuals from emerging countries.

So who's paying? Exportator free plan allows you to set-up basic ppp. We offer additional features for paying users (Price A/B Testing, Analytics, Visibility).

Get started

Step 2: Create a New Product

On your Exportator dashboard, click "Setup Parity Pricing". You'll be asked to give your product a name.

ℹ️ You might have noticed Exportator has a catalog of PPP providing products. This is meant to bring you new customers. But you will not appear there until you decide to create a Public page.

Step 3: Paste Exportator script to your site

Exportator needs to know your visitors origin to decide of the optimal price adaptation for this country.

Copy/paste the snippet of code generated in your site's header like you would with an Analytics or chat service or similar services.

Step 4: Connect Stripe

Exportator connects with Stripe for 2 main reasons:

  • To create unique coupons that can not be exchanged
  • To track results and optimize your sales

ℹ️ You do NOT have to change anything in your Stripe setup: Prices, billing, plans, subscriptions, you name it, will NOT be changed. Exportator is designed to have the best efficiency/simplicity ratio.

Step 5: Activate your pricing 🎉

Right now your prices are not active. Click the "Live" switch to turn it on. As soon as it's on, new people visiting your site will start seeing the Exportator banner and promo codes for their countries.

What's next?

Customize your prices for each country

There are many reasons why you'd want to customize your prices:

  • Trying on a single country or region before going worldwide
  • Testing new higher or lower prices
  • Making temporary campaigns

Personalize your banner

By default, exportator will pop a banner on top of your website. Use the banner editor to change colors, edit the text, and welcome your visitors.


Reach out to our support if you have questions or need assistance while setting up PPP 🤙

Jules Maregiano

Jules studied export and was in charge of marketing a fast-growing SaaS. He created exportator after realizing the power of PPP for digital sales growth and to make the web cool again.

Let's make PPP the norm on the Internet
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