7 Excellent JavaScript online courses offering purchasing power parity prices

by Jules Maregiano · February 15, 2021

The JavaScript developers community is the most conscious of purchasing power parity issues. Here is a list of top-notch courses offering adapted prices.

If the history of Life on Earth has taught us one thing, it's that sometimes it takes a very particular set of conditions for something to happen. Purchasing Power Dis-Parity was forgotten by the Internet at first, but the JS teaching community has recently sparked it by combining the following characteristics:

  • Digital product. And to make another copy of an existing course is virtually free. So making an extra sell, even at a discount, will make more money than not selling at full price.
  • Global community. JS devs are all around the world. Courses are in English. But only a quarter of the world's English speakers live in "rich" Western countries.
  • Technical skills. It requires technical skill to set up purchasing power parity. Especially if you add security and analytics features like with exportator. JS dev teachers have the skill to build it.

Here are 10 Javascript courses offering purchasing-power-adapted prices in YOUR country, now.

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1. Epic React

Website - Level: Intermediate/Advanced - Tech: React - Twitter - PPP: Active

Throughout 19h of video courses, Kent Dodds will take you from the fundamentals of React to a walkthrough of advanced React apps. Kent is an experienced dev and teacher who's making you work hard to become truly good. And that's what we want.

Kent's English is easy to understand, even for non-native English speakers, and the videos are top-notch quality. The course offers pricing based on the #PPP index, all over the world, without exception.

2. Opinionated React

Website - Level: Intermediate - Tech: React - Twitter - PPP: Active

Remember when you hadn't done your homework and tried to borrow someone's cheat sheet? Sara's eBook is like that perfect 200 pages cheat sheet that will give you all the keys, structure, vocab, and concepts to navigate the React world.

Sara made it clear that this is her take on React. But as a friend said about Ruby on Rails' DHH, when someone much more intelligent than you thought about a topic for much longer than you, it's probably best to listen to their opinions. Duh!

3. ES6 by Wes Bos

Website - Level: All - Tech: All - Twitter - PPP: Active

ES6 totally changed the JS ecosystem for sure, but the whole web too. Whether you're on Ruby on Rails, PHP, or Python, you'll have to write JS at some point. Wes Bos' ES6 course will take you through the

Wes Bos is one of the best JS teachers on the Web right now and a huge advocate of purchasing power parity. One of the great strengths of Wes is his ability to explain hard concepts without jargon, and making them crystal clear to any listener. He offers a bunch of other courses with purchasing power prices around JavaScript.

4. Learn Node & React for Beginners by Wes Bos

Node - React - Level: All - Tech: React + Node - Twitter - PPP: Active

Beginners, here are two top-notch courses to get started with your JS framework of choice. Wes covers all the concepts that you need to start building web applications. From setting up your computer for the framework, creating user accounts, routing, database, sending emails, handling errors, creating your API, to deploying your app. Wes' got you covered.

If you're looking for more advanced content, other courses on these frameworks are available. All are working with #PPP pricing too.

5. Node CLI

Website - Level: Intermediate - Tech: Node CLI - Twitter - PPP: Active

How do you build your own npm package and publish it on the Internet? Awais answers this question in extreme detail over the course of 10 hours of short, easy-to-watch videos.

Awais a lot of fun. It's not given to everyone to make CLIs a rivetting topic, but he nails it. Content quality is all you can expect from a modern online course. Awais has a slight accent but you get used to it surprisingly fast and after the courses' 10h you'll miss it :)

6. Vue School

Website - Level: Intermediate - Tech: Node CLI - Twitter - PPP: Active

Vue School offers Vue JS courses for all levels, on all Vue-related topics. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced developer, you'll find something to learn.

Vue School is well aware of the potential of providing adapted prices but they go one step further by offering subtitles on some of their video courses. For the moment available in Spanish, we hope to see more languages supported.

7. Vanilla JS Academy

Website - Level: Intermediate - Tech: Node CLI - Twitter - PPP: Active

Sure, sure, Vanilla JS is not the latest sexy JS framework. We wouldn't recommend it for starting a project in 2021, but developers working freelance might need a crash course in Vanilla JS, and the Vanilla JS Academy will give you the full tour.

We love that Chris has strong opinions about Vanilla JS, and makes a point of showing how simple and resilient it is.

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