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Segment your audiences, display targeted promotions, and maximize sales revenue. Exportator is your marketing team’s secret to making every sale a win-win.

Promotion Management Center

From bootstrappers to scale-up’s marketing teams, Exportator makes all your promotions a success.

Segment your audiences accurately

Increase your conversion rate by tailoring each promotion to its best audience:
  • Demographics. Country, language, device.
  • Socialogical. Students, NGOs.
  • Behavioral. Repeat visitor, free trial users, long time customer.
  • Custom. Create your own criteria based on your data.
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Display your promotions #nocode

Empower your marketing team with an all-in-one solution.
  • #Nocode. Design and deploy visuals without bothering devs nor designers.
  • Dynamic. Use dynamic syntax to stand-out and catch prospects attention.
  • Customize. Specify the best pages and occasions to display your promos.
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Increase conversions & sales

Increase your chances to make each promotion a win-win, not a sell off.
  • Promote specific products/plans to increase customer’s lifetime value.
  • Offer unique promo code each single prospect and avoid coupon sharing.
  • Restrict promotions to VPN and Proxy users to avoid fraudsters.
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Analyze and improve your promotions

Stop bad promotions, double down on valuable ones, and keep improving your price and targeting.
  • Past reports. Access detailed reports of past promotions by connecting your Stripe account now.
  • Live monitoring. See how sales perform live, access in-depth analytics, and report to your team.
  • Future insights. Improve your next promotion’s results with advanced price and indicators.
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Top use-cases from 100+ users

From small teams automating redundant tasks to bigger teams optimizing sales, Exportator cover everything promotion related.

Increase sales from foreign countries

Like Netflix or Spotify, get the most value out of emerging countries traffic by setting up regional pricing. Protection from VPN/Proxy included.

Automate discounts asked to your Support team

Automate Student/NGO's promo codes attribution safely and significantly decrease support requests.

Promotion reporting and analytics

Track easily the full promo funnel, from potential targets to recurrent customers.

Upsell current customers

Generate sales from within your customer base by pushing forward premium offers.

Unleash the power of promo codes

Exportator is the first plug-and-play fully integrated solutions for promo codes.