One-price-fits-all is unefficient

Boost your digital goods' sales in every country on the Internet

Not everyone earns a US salary. And despite selling on the Internet, your digital goods are unaffordable to many. This pricing inefficiency causes for a lot of missed revenue on your part and room for competitions. It's time for dynamic country-based pricing.

Software, courses, and gaming companies of every sizes provide Purchasing Power Parity

Would you buy a Slack subscription for $100/mo/user?

Likely not. Nevertheless that’s what one-price-fits-all feels to 80% of people online

Grow your sales

Pricing 101 To sell more you need to find the sweetest spot between price and demand. This spot varies between countries, language and cultures.

Digital goods To make an extra copy of your digital product is very cheap.

Translation? It’s expensive and hard to maintain at scale. Adapted pricing is the high-impact/low-maintenance growth lever you’re looking for.

More growth use-cases

Marketing opportunity

Shows you care By offering adapted prices, you acknowledge your visitors’ diversity. They will be grateful for it.

Account-based marketing Country-based dynamic pricing is the easy 80% of ABM.

Word of mouth Let people know you provide adapted prices. If they’re not the one to buy now, they’ll talk about it and bring new traffic.

More marketing upsides

It's happening now

Competition is rising Emerging countries have needs that’ll be met eventually. If you’re not cattering to them, local solution will appear.

Just getting started 60% of emerging countries are yet to go online. African & Latin American startus are rising; Are you in or out?

We make it easy Previously limited to big companies and developers, PPP is now accessible to all. Join the move!

export your digital goods efficiently

Provide country-based optimal pricing

The easy way. Exportator plugs into your payment system to create unique promo codes. You can display them on a customizable banner anywhere on your site. The geeky way. If you need advanced customization, exportator provides you with a robust, fast and data-rich API. Read more.

Protected from Proxies & VPNs

You don’t wan’t anyone to use a proxy and get 40% off for no reason. Exportator checks in milliseconds your visitor’s origin and authenticity. Neither Proxy/VPN users nor people from “rich” countries will see a change. All the others will notice and take advantage of your new pricing. Read more.

Seamless integration with Stripe (or Paddle)

To create coupons, Exportator plugs into your payment system. Being at the crossroad between payments and analytics allows Exportator to provide with unique insights. Easy set-up and zero changes required to your current pricing, billing, or other offers.

Detailed analytics to optimize your sales

Exportator is at the crossroad of analytics and pricing. This unique position allows it to know which visitors responded to which offer and let you know what you could improve on. That’s a full-time job packed in one tool :) Read more.

Each country optimized to your special case

GDP, English proficiency, access to web, literacy rate, and more. We take into account 8 key parameters and compare them to your traffic: This allows exportator to provide you with unique, accurate, and practical data for one goal only maximizing your revenue.

Country-based Price AB Testing

Hey, easy on the buzz words! Sorry about that, but with exportator you can A/B test your offer between similar countries. We make it easy for you to compare comparable countries and conduct tests in some regions only. Who said pricing had to be boring? Read more.

Country-based pricing is a win-win

It empowers humans all over the world with tools and knowledge.

“I own a brick-and-mortar language school where clients pay $20/mo for courses. A management system is $300/mo so I would need 15 clients to pay for it.”
-Y. from 🇺🇦 Ukraine

“I used to think I missed the dot com boom but turns out it's happening now in developing countries.”
-H. from 🇪🇨

“It’s very hard for me to pay for all the US based Saas I use, especially now that my currency is devaluating.”
-D. from 🇧🇷

“I'm lucky to have a client paying in USD to pay for my stack but I’m worried to loose him.”
-T. from 🇨🇲

“As someone living in country where $600/mo is higher than average, we constantly hesitate between paying and building our own tools.”
-A. from 🇷🇺

And increases sales and revenue

“We implemented PPP [...] it increased our revenue by around 20% within weeks”
-P. from 🇳🇴

“PPP cuts down on piracy and CC theft.. and increased our sales.”
-W. from 🇨🇦