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Purchasing power disparity

$30 is a lot. Maybe not to you but for some its a day of work, sometimes a week. And that's too bad, because they might have the problem your product solves or that your courses teaches.

Honestly, would you use Slack if it were 800$/mo/user? Would you look for alternatives? Exactly.

This trend is just getting started. 60% of emerging countries' population is yet to go online.


Your pricing is not efficient

Despite being online, your product is too expensive for 90% of the world.

Consequence #1
You're missing out on revenue

You MRR could be 20% higher if your prices were adapted. Instead, visitors take advantage of your free plan or just leave.

Consequence #2
Marketing is unefficient

Your marketing team's working hard to acquire new visitors but bad pricing ruins your conversion efficiency.

Consequence #3
Local competitors are rising

Emerging countries have the same needs as you. I you can't adapt your prices, a local competitor will take your place.

Country-based pricing can 10x revenue from emerging countries

Revenue growth. Companies using purchasing-power-adapted pricing report 10x revenue growth within 3 months from targeted countries. For your average Western SaaS or course, this can result in 30% MRR increase.

Marketing edge Offering adapted prices would give you a marketing advantage. Local communities and influencers are also more likely to talk about you.

Competition prevention. If you were more present on emerging markets, local makers will head towards other opportunities.


But it's hard

Making sure people don't use proxies or VPN is hard, updating the payment system is touchy-feely, how shall I pick the "right' price, is it even legal?


export your digital goods efficiently

Dynamic promo codes

Location-based coupons. Offer promotional codes to your visitors based on their location

Optimal prices. Follow our recommandation by applying "Purchasing Power Parity"-based prices or conduct your own AB tests

Quick results Offering location-based promo codes has immediate results on your current traffic. Increase your revenue from emerging countries by 10x

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Protected against proxies

Location verification. We analyze each visit and check if it comes from a proxy, VPN, or Tor browser.

Speed. Verification last milliseconds. Suspicious connections are not granted a promo code.

Invisible. Visitors from high purchasing power countries are not show any promo code. Offer fully customizable.

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Works with Stripe. We easily integrate with Stripe.

Easy setup. Setup time under 5 minutes. No need to change anything in your current payment settings.

Visible results. You can try exportator for free, start offering adapted prices today and see the results for yourself.

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